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Some recent presentations

"Alphabet Headaches" - presented at ACTA - Australian Council of TESOL Associations 2012 International Conference, held in Cairns, Australia.

My PowerPoint presentation (and speaker's notes), entitled Alphabet Headaches: the bi-literacy challenge for Chinese students, are available here:

This talk has also been presented at WATESOL's annual conference in Perth (2013), at Polytechnic West's Carlisle campus and at Navitas Language School, Mt Pleasant, in Perth (2013).

A presentation to TESOL teachers on Phonemic Awareness, Perth, 2013.

This handout has speaker's notes.

The full presentation is now available on YouTube (44 mins).

The quality is not the best, but these Speaker's Notes will be a useful guide. The video can be found here:

My Alphabet Headaches Poster for the Society for the Scientific Study of Reading's 2013 International Conference, in Hong Kong, from July 10-13.

The poster is based on my doctoral research into phonological awareness in Hong Kong schools

Two presentations on Biscriptal Learners

These were presented to TESOL teachers in Perth, in April, 2014. Here are the speaker's notes:

Biscriptal Learners 1:

Phonemic Awareness and Phonics

Biscriptal Learners 2:

Handwriting and Morphological Awareness/Vocabulary Development

A presentation to TESOL teachers on Spelling for English Learners, Perth, November 2016.

The slides and Speaker's Notes are available for download here:

A Phonics Chart for Biscriptal Learners:

Please feel free to use this chart - but do let me know about any 'bugs' that you might find in it.

ACTA Presentation on Biscriptal Learners

Adelaide 5 October 2018

These are the notes from my ACTA (Australian Council of TESOL Associations) presentation on 5 October 2018, in Adelaide.

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