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1. About Reading

Children of the Code

- an enormous website, full of videos and interviews with leading reading researchers


- an online encyclopedia of writing systems and languages

- an absolutely fascinating website

- how dare we just assume that our romanised, alphabetic writing system is already established in all of our learners' skill-sets, when so many may have learned a completely different script based on completely different foundations

Reading Rockets

- a huge website with a lot of research-based information, teaching suggestions and videos about the reading process


Teaching Handwriting, Reading and Spelling Skills

Australian website:

UK website:

- a flexible, 44-sound-based approach to teaching phonological skills to all ages

- their wall-charts resemble the 'periodic table of the elements' and are a useful addition to any classroom

- all 44 sounds are there, somewhere, and just knowing this can be reassuring for many students

Phonics International

Loads of useful charts and teaching advice from the UK's Debbie Hepplewhite:

Phonics Blitz

- a highly commercial, US-based programme

- way too expensive, but their free downloads and videos are very informative

More resources for working with sounds

3,800 minimal pairs – used by speech therapists:

Two huge charts of minimal pairs, contrasting every sound against every other:

A chart of 200+ rimes:

Excellent lists of sounds in all positions in words:

Word solver/searcher – find words containing certain letter combinations:

2. About the Cocos (Keeling) Islands

Pauline's Cocos interview on SBS TV:

- my interview on "Dateline" in 2012 regarding language rights on the Cocos (Keeling) Islands

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